Mediterranean diet and depression

Mediterranean diet for depression

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Mediterranean diet for depression

It’s no secret that one of the leading causes of suicide in young men is depression. There is a strong link between the disease and the ongoing mental health crisis many worldwide face today. This is why it’s so important that we come up with lasting solutions based on scientific evidence. One solution, surprisingly, has been found within the Mediterranean diet. We will explore the article’s findings, some signs and symptoms of depression, and some strategies for introducing the Mediterranean diet into your life.

A new study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition suggests that a better diet can help relieve symptoms of depression – particularly in young men—a relatively underserved and hard-to-reach audience in the mental health field—notably, the Mediterranean diet. The study notes that the condition affects 1 in 8 males annually and is especially prevalent among young adults.

A 12-week randomized, randomized controlled trial was conducted – comparing those to a control group that didn’t receive the treatment and instead received treatment in befriending therapy. A therapy style that introduces the therapist as a friend within the community. Using the Beck Depression Inventory, a test was developed to measure the effects and intensity of depression sufferers. The researchers discovered significant improvements in the overall well-being of the participants suffering from moderate to extreme depression.

More importantly, those who strictly adhere to the Mediterranean diet improved their quality of life scores overall from the group that received the befriending therapy alone.


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